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What can I do with a degree in Spanish?

For some students, a humanities degree is an entry step into graduate school.  Several students have been accepted into careers in the medical field after completing a degree in Spanish. We also have several students who are working as secondary education teachers, or elementary teachers in the Dual Language Immersion program.  Once students graduate, we also mentor them to obtain other types of living abroad experiences, such as Language and Culture Assistants in Spain or the Peace Corps.

Students who pursue a degree in a foreign language are much more capable of working in international settings through language and culture studies. Additionally, many graduate programs require the advanced language skills, which our students have already attained. Since Utah is one of the pioneers in Dual Language Immersion education, outside of the state, graduates from a Utah higher education institution are expected to be bilingual.

Any career path is enhanced by speaking a second language fluently, and with Spanish being the fastest growing language in the US, with over 37 million native speakers, it is quickly becoming an essential skill.

All Spanish graduates when they pursue a graduate degree, are qualified to function in a second language in their profession of choice.

Most of our graduates pursue careers in the health science, such as dentists, doctors or physical therapists. However, we also have graduates who are in education and law enforcement positions (law enforcement or lawyers). There are, however, other careers, which will encourage a language BA. For example: customs workers, government translator or interpreter, immigration services, international business or development, or social services, to mention just a few.

Am I really going to be proficient in Spanish?

Yes, you will!

Although we don’t require official Oral Proficiency Interviews as an exit exam, all our graduates take an assessment interview in their capstone course. 95% of our students met of exceeded our target proficiency level, Advanced Low according to ACTFL Guidelines (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language), which is the required level of proficiency for Spanish teachers to receive their teaching certification.


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Who can I talk to more in detail?

We have a great faculty group! You can contact the Spanish program director, Dr. Lucia Taylor at lucia.taylor@utahtech.edu or our languages advisor, Chandler Whitlock at chandler.whitlock@utahtech.edu.